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Frequently Asked Questions

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How far is the venue from the church?
St. Hugh's Catholic Church is located 20-30 minutes from Curtiss Mansion. We recommend you use a rideshare app like Uber or Lyft. 

Is there parking available at both locations?
There is free parking available in both locations. 

What to Wear? 
Formal attire - long dress or suit and tie.

What is the weather in Miami in March?  
Weather in Miami ranges from  high of 77°F/ 25°C  and lows of 67°F / 19°C. There is always a chance of rain, but much lower than rainy season. We recommend that you check the local weather a few days before packing. 

What should I expect for a Catholic wedding ceremony? 
If you have never attended a Catholic mass, there are a few etiquette rules to follow.
-It is part of the religious ceremony to stand at certain times and kneel in others. If you are unsure, follow what the congregation is doing. 
-There will be a line forming for th
e Breaking of Bread or Communion. This is only intended for Catholics. 

How is public transportation around Miami?
If you plan on staying for a few days and traveling around, we recommend that you rent a car because often distances can be quite far. Uber and Lyft are recommended for the day of our wedding. 

Where did you get the beautiful artwork for the invitation?
The bride's mom made the drawings featured in the invitation to showcase the most significant locations for the couple. She used watercolors on paper and the bride and groom turned them into digital versions. You can expect to see much more of this work of art represented at the wedding. 


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